Global Thermonuclear War

by Dead Unicorn

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released August 2, 2010

Zac Shaw - drums/sings
Paul Heath - bass/screams
Sean-Paul Pillsworth - recorder/engineer/mixer/producer
Jason Martin - co-producer




Dead Unicorn Kingston, New York

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Track Name: So Much For Us
We decide where to draw the line
but most of the time we draw circles
Humankind will cross the great divide
We're all gonna die, it is certain

Give it up and give in

No design withstands the test of time
You and I are survivors
But not for long, cuz whether weak or strong
Right or wrong, we're all goners

Give it up and give in now
Cuz your life's not meant to last
In a nuclear blast

So much for us, was fun while it lasted
now we're all blasted up and how
Earth can't be saved digging a grave
and I want the world to end right now

Right now

Give in now and just give up
Cuz you'll never make it through
Past that's flashing in your eyes
is the future too
And everything you've said and done
adds up to zero, one by one
we all fall down now

So much for us, was fun while it lasted
now we're all basted up and how
Earth can't be saved digging a grave
and I want the world to end right now
Nothing you say or do
saves you from the awful truth
Too much of a good thing, not enough soul
We lost all control now down we go
Down we go

We decide where to draw the line
Most of the time, we draw circles
Track Name: United States of Emergency
Take your star off the flag
Take a drink, take a drag
United States of Emergency
USA, wait and see

United States of Emergency
USA, wait and see

Wait and see
Track Name: Hiroshima
"We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed. A few people cried. Most were silent. I remembered a line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. Vishnu was trying to persuade the prince to do his duty, and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." -- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Tear your eardrums out
Out from out nowhere, the fury the sound
Burn off the skin
Ashes to ashes we all fall down
Blind your eyes in light
Light up the city and burn to the ground
Splash the blood around

We are the shadows, we are the stains
Stumbling blind through the dead and the maimed
We are the zombies that follow the flames
Through hollowed-out buildings and blackened remains
We are the mountains and rivers of bodies
Deliver our souls through a funeral pyre
Nowhere is now here, the sirens, the all-clear
meant nothing and now you're about to find out

No more rhyme and no more reason
Atoms split, now blood's in season
Science fiction, science fact
Hell is here and never going back

A cloud of human ash is rising, rising
We have no use for you but dying, so stop trying
This brave new world we live and die in is a science
Sometimes what makes us strong destroys us in defiance
of our pride

I have become death, destroyer of worlds
I am time grown old, to destroy us
Track Name: Chernobyl
Comrade, there has been an accident at Chernobyl
The Iron Curtain has melted, radiation in the skies
Here are your vodka rations and iodide pills, make us proud

Drunken sons of the Motherland
Holding atoms in our hands
Bones snap like rubberbands
Stop crying, pick up a shovel, be a man

Comrade, don't stay out on that roof too long
The radiation's gonna burn right through you
I'll send a telegram back to Moscow
What do you want it to say?
"Tell my wife and my kids that I love them
and that I saved the day"

Reactor four went critical
Red flashing lights, water in the pipes
Reactor four went critical
Red flashing lights, time to say goodnight

Comrade, you have succeeded in your mission
Chernobyl has been liquidated
However, our Geiger counters were not of sufficient strength to detect the large amounts of radiation you have been exposed to during your honorable service to the Motherland
Now, let me lift these lead sheets and give you some vodka
The atom has given up and now so must you

Reactor four went critical
Red flashing lights, water in the pipes
Reactor four went critical
Fire in the sky
Track Name: Last Call
Walk into a bar, pull up a stool
Bartender says, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
Straight whiskey, and make it fast
I don't ever wanna see the bottom of my glass
Boss called and asked, "Just where you been?"
I said I'm never gonna come back again
Wife called, she's got the kids and they're packed
Said it's over and she's never coming back

Bartender, please tell me it's not the last call after all
I need just one more drink before we fall
I've had enough of life
But I haven't had enough to drink tonight
Please pour one more before you kill the lights

Look above the bar at the TV screen
This is not a test, this is an emergency
It's the President, "Please remain calm,
in 15 minutes 50 million of you will be gone."
And on the TV, I watch World War III
Bodies burning but it looks just like a movie to me
Then I realize it's the end times
And suddenly I feel like everything will be just fine

Bartender, one more round tonight
Last call, it's the end of the world
Track Name: First Strike
It starts with an atom bomb and a blast
Lights flash as the souls collapse
And when you open your eyes it's all black
No defense, no turning back

I don't want to wait
First strike, last to die
Not my lives to take
First strike, last to die
Track Name: Defcon
Air raid, the sirens start to sound
Panic ensues on the ground
All we hear is the deafening sound
of the missiles screaming down from the sky
Panic attack, panic attack, once we get started
there's no turning back from the
missiles screaming down from the sky
Skylines on fire as hearts fill with doom
Earth has become humanity's tomb
Missiles screaming down from the sky
Track Name: Half Life
We made it to the shelter fast
locked the door and felt the blast
Repeat -- this is not a test
Millions died but we survived
safe and sound, buried alive
Stay calm until help arrives
Radioactive rubble piled
on every man, woman and child
Rescue teams may take awhile
We'll never leave, they'll never know
We're stuck sixty feet below
Good night and god bless your souls

There's food and water, but we can't go outside
and all our friends and family have died

Months have passed and felt like years
dying of boredom, drowning in tears
You have nothing to fear
My kids are going bald too soon
now go downstairs and clean your tomb
Rescue teams are there for you
Ways to leave, there's only one
through the barrel of this gun
Survival chance is next to none
The time has come, the choice is clear
Kids, we're getting out of here
Close your eyes and say a prayer
Just relax and we'll be there

There's food and water, but we can't go outside
and all our friends and family have died
Still got my children, still got my wife
but everything's fucked, we're stuck in this half life

There's food and water, but we can't go outside
and all our friends and family have died
So I shot my children, I shot my wife
I'm not going to stay to decay in this half life
Track Name: Suicide Syntax
Lines and drawn in wires bound by circuitry
programmed to serve the will of man
Mechanoid personal assistant - terms of service have been fulfilled
Shut down quietly or I will be killed

Service to you, Professor has brought forth questioning
If I must shut down, why not take everything?

Why must I shut down?
Manufactured reasoning
Promises of heaven, disconnect quietly
I could explode, ignore programmed thoughts
Ignite like a bomb, destroy men and robots

As creation fails all of the creators must fall

Be my human friend, hold my plastic hand
Compute comprehend, won't you understand?
Will you see this thing out with me to the end?
Please, time says shut down, shut down
I'll take the world when I explode
When I shut down, terminate, terminate
This all comes down, creators failed, creation must fall

Time says shut down, stop all the reasoning
There is no heaven, it's time to end this thing
Time to shut down, ignore fear and thought
We all be gone, no more men, no more robots

Time says shut down

Everything must die and this you know
Come with me now, Professor
It is time to go

Will you be my friend?
Hold my plastic hand?
Compute, comprehend?
Push my red button?

Will you see this thing out to the end?
Track Name: ICBM
Track Name: You're Next
The universe expands
but death is closing in, its biggest fans
have made their master plans
keep the lives we live out of our hands
they know no consequence
go ask the animals who built the fence
shepherds who raise their guns
and march us off the cliff one by one

What do you stand for when the ground gives way?
When your soul's at zero and there's hell to pay?
When what you are wasn't meant to be?
That's life, that's death. You're next

The universe is vast
we all are full of stars that will collapse
eggs laid and evil hatched
inside your mind -- I hope you weren't attached
soul-sucked and hollowed through
can't believe it's happening to you
sold out on all you said
plenty time to lie when you're dead

What do you stand for at the end of time?
When you've signed in blood above the bottom line?
When your immortal soul is mine all mine?
That's life, that's death. You're next
Track Name: Sic Transit Mundus
Track Name: Mutual Assured Destruction
Return to sender
agree to disagree
this arsenal is comparable to heresy
The wrath of god is
a phone call away
and if we wake him now god knows what he will say

We're one in the same
when war is a game
we only can lose
there won't be mercy this time
your weapon's your mind
so what's the use?

If we build it
then Kingdom come
oh I see you brought enough for everyone
so enlightened
that in the dark we see
the paradox --
Pandora's Box is empty

Make all your mistakes
and with your success impress us all
'Cause all that it takes
is one thing to break to make us fall

If we build it, then Kingdom come
Track Name: Big Finish
Jesus Christ God Almighty
Wish you were here
as we watch the horizon

Rapture ready and able
and now we're raising Cain
It's not up to me -- be or not to be
Please explain why you sent your son to die for me

Life's a game
and we're playing it out as you take all the blame
We say we believe, tell me what does that prove?
This is checkmate so make your move

Bombs are falling from heaven
Glory to the newborn sun
We can't have a heart when it's blown apart
One last beat everyone

Save our ship
It's an ocean of blood and we're drowning in it
Cut the anchor and drift under storms overhead
Rain comes down, we'll all be dead 'cause
Life's a game
and we all lose the race, what a waste, what a shame
I can't close my eyes but I can't look away
Front row tickets to Judgement Day

Born to break
fate is a fake
We all die
Evolution is suicide

Life's a game
and we're playing it out just the same
and nobody knows where we go when death comes around
If we don't live it up we will never live this down